VideoOffice™ is a high technology system that enables bi-direction real time video meeting
that give users feeling of same time and same place with CODEC, computer, video/audio/data system which enables video, voice, messages, and graphics for inter-remote each other.
The need for video / web conference system

The way to success and be ahead of others in this day of high oil prices and speed is to reduce costs and minimize the time for decision.
The VideoOffice™ system made an environment that enables you to have a conference in you desk looking at the person’s face with on-line shared documents.
The VideoOffice™ system will change your business environment by supporting as well as corporate meeting, video training, seminars, medical images, remote surveillance, video phone, and other variety of counseling systems.
Benefits of our product

4NBSoft has been primarily designed keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Users can derive multiple benefits from using 4NBSoft.
Quick decision-making Cost-cutting
4NBSoft instant conferencing function allows companies to connect with colleagues, business partners, and clients in any part of the globe and make instant decisions. 4NBSoft allows real-time communication in an efficient and cost-effective virtual environment. Users also enjoy the additional benefit of cost-savings on transportation and time.
No extra operating expenses Collaborative work environment
We bear the entire server and connection costs.
What's more product upgrades are done absolutely free of cost. Our goal is to ensure that you incur no extra operating expenses.
4NBSoft supports the simultaneous connection of multiple users. Indeed up to 64 users can simultaneously engage in a face-to-face conference from distant locations. Hence 4NBSoft facilitates information sharing and business efficiency in a collaborative work environment.


1. Customers recommended
Customers recommended
2. Feature
- Link with existing groupware or messenger is available
You can link with groupware or messenger currently used in your company.
(Specialized development fit to any groupware, messenger is available.)
- Possible to install on client-owned server
Direct operation fit to client-owned server and network environment is possible.
- Customizing fit to client company’s demand is possible
We provide customizing fit to client company’s additional request.
- Video conference security + Client-owned security equipment
Video Conference System uses high-functional encrypted module,
and can add additional security equipment and system according to client company’s policy.
- Optimum system function
We make optimum system through tuning fit to client company’s network environment
- No additional costs are required except when purchasing
No additional costs happen except when purchasing initial product.
3. Server Diagram
Server Diagram
4. To process application
To process application

ASP Service(Rental program)

1. Customers recommended
Customers recommended
2. Feature
- Low initial building costs
With rental type use of product, you can use video conference, video education solution, not by purchasing the product, but paying only monthly fees.
- Payment of monthly using fees
You can pay monthly fees as much as for the number of users.
- No network, server for server operation is required
You don’t need to purchase and build server and network equipment for product operation.
- 4NBSoft does system management on behalf of you
No additional costs happen as 4NBSoft’s system experts continuously manage the video conference system under thorough 24 hours monitoring.
- Optimum system function
Provides uninterrupted service with provision of system dualization
- Secured various IDCs
Having Server Farm at domestic IDC centers like KT(Mok-dong, Young-dong, Bundang), SK(Seocho), LG(Nonhyeon, Gasan) and overseas IDC centers like Seattle, Washington DC, Singapore, London and Swiss, we provide service in optimized network environment fit to customers.
3. Server Diagram
Server Diagram
4. To process application
To process application

Cloud Service

1. Customers recommended
- Low initial building costs
- Customers who feel burdened in constant payment as they don’t have many video conferences
- Customers who feel burdened in additionally purchasing the video conference system
- Customers difficult in having video conference management manpower
- Customers who want to conduct video conference with overseas
2. Feature
- With selection you can use as much as you require for using term, using persons and additional
- No initial installation costs are required.
- You can save purchase costs by using only when needed.
- No system management manpower is required.
- Monthly payment is available.
- 2 users are free in using fees.